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Is this your first visit to redeeming love online?

A Prelude To Redeeming Love (offsite)

 A Prelude to Redeeming Love is an recording I made to explain what this website is for. Also, anything you see here in red letters is a link to another part of this site or somewhere else on the Internet. I used black letters to will help you know the difference.

Operation Evangelist First Page Link

Operation Evangelism First has free resources to help people learn to do evangelism work in a way that actually re-unites people living in America today with God.

Operation Discipleship Next Page Link

Operation Discipleship Next has free resources to help people living in America today move from the work of evangelism into the discipleship making process.

Church History on Twitter Link (offsite)

Jesus Christ lived 2,000 years ago. A lot can happen in that much time, indeed a lot has happened. Church History on Twitter is a place to find out how we got where we are today.

Apologetics Online Page Link

The work of the Evangelist is to talk to people about taking Jesus Christ seriously. In Western civilization, Greek philosophy causes people to try and think of reasons not to take Jesus Christ seriously. Here are some internet resources showing how can we talk to outsiders in America about their doubts and objections.

Recommended Resources Page Link

Recommended Resources are here to compliment the rest of the content promoted on this site. I have songs, books and YouTube videos to show you that I am not being completely original and independent. I am not the only voice in America today talking about the issues I raise in Operation Evangelism First and Operation Discipleship Next.