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We want to offer you a simple guide to explore the Christian faith online.

This is our Main Menu page, and the red letters below are links that will take you to a list of online resources from other parts of this website. If you want to come back to the Main Menu, all you have to do is click on the word Home near the top of your screen.


I. Evangelism Resources

(1) Gospel Presentation:

The Message of Christianity


II. Apologetics Resources

(1) Introduction to Apologetics

(2) Introduction to World Religions:





Jehovah’s Witnesses





III. Discipleship Resources

(1) Discipleship Orientation

(2) The Seven Tasks of the Teacher:

We have seven pages set up to deal with seven different areas of basic Christian beliefs:

Task #1 – Doctrines of Scripture

Task #2 – Doctrines of God

Task #3 – Doctrines of Creation

Task #4 – Doctrines of Jesus Christ