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This is the Main Menu page, which I set up like the Table of Contents in a book. The red letters portions below are links that can take you to different parts of the website, divided up into different sections containing different articles covering the kind of content mentioned black letters below the red letter link.


Part I. An Introduction To The Christian Faith

Chapter #1. The Message of Christianity

This Page Contains: The Old Testament Story – The Gospel Story – The Story of the Church


Part II. An Introduction to Basic Christian Beliefs

Chapter #2. Discipleship Orientation

Chapter #2 Covers: Discipleship Orientation – The Bible’s Solution – Balancing The Five Ministries of the Church – Conclusion

Chapter #3. The Bible, Part 1

Chapter #3 Covers: The Doctrine of the Word of God – The Doctrine of the Canon of Scripture

Chapter #4. The Bible, Part 2

Chapter #4 Covers: How To Read The Bible – The Authority of Scripture – The Inerrancy of Scripture – The Clarity of Scripture – The Necessity of Scripture – The Sufficiency of Scripture – Conclusion: The First Task of the Teacher

Chapter #5. The Bible, Part 3

Chapter #5 Covers: The Old Testament Manuscripts – The Jewish Scribes – The Dead Sea Scrolls – The New Testament Manuscripts – Lost in Translation – The New Testament – Conclusion

Chapter #6. The Existence of God

Chapter #6 Covers: Responding The Wrong Way – Responding The Right Way – The First Thing Teachers Can Do – The Second Thing Teachers Can Do – The Third Thing Teachers Can Do – The Fourth Thing Teachers Can Do – Conclusion: The Attributes of God

Chapter #7. Creation, Part 1

Chapter #7 Covers: The Origin and Meaning of Life – God’s Providence – Miracles – Satan and His Demons – Angels – Conclusion

Chapter #8. Creation, Part 2

Chapter #8 Covers: The Corruption in Human Nature (Sin) – Body, Soul and Spirit – Gender Roles – Conclusion: What Is A Covenant?

Chapter #9. Jesus Christ, Part 1

Chapter #9 Covers: The Humanity of Jesus Christ – The Deity of Jesus Christ – Responding To Jesus’ Deity – What Is Jesus Doing Now? – The Prophet – The Priest – Conclusion: The King

Chapter #10. Jesus Christ, Part 2

Chapter #10 Covers: The Atonement – The Resurrection – The Ascension – Our Union With Christ – Conclusion

Chapter #11. Redemption, Part 1

Chapter #11 Covers: Common Grace – The Work of the Holy Spirit – The Order of Salvation – Conclusion

Chapter #12. Redemption, Part 2

Chapter #12 Covers: Election – The Gospel Call – Regeneration – Conversion – Justification – Adoption – Sanctification – The Perseverance of the Saints – Death – Conclusion

Chapter #13. The Church, Part 1

Chapter #13 Covers: The Church – God’s First Goal For The Local Church – God’s Second Goal For The Local Church – God’s Third Goal For The Local Church – The Three Kinds Of Local Churches – False Churches – Less Pure Churches – More Pure Churches – Conclusion

Chapter #14. The Church, Part 2

Chapter #14 Covers: Church Discipline – The Ministers of the Church – Church Government – The Means of Grace Within The Church – Spiritual Gifts – Conclusion

Chapter #15. The End

Chapter #15 Covers: Death – The Return of Jesus Christ – Hell and the Judgment To Come – Heaven and Eternal Life


Part III. The Old Testament Story

Chapter #16. The Book of Job

Chapter #16 Covers: The entire book of Job. This commentary is written as an introduction to the Old Testament writings.

Chapter #17: The Book of Genesis, Part 1

Chapter #17 Covers: The first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis and tells us about Creation as well as the lives of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Seth, Noah, Shem, Ham, Japheth and Nimrod and the Tower of Babel.


Part IV. The New Testament Story

Is Under Construction And Coming Soon!


Part V. Church History Resources

Is Under Construction And Coming Soon!


Part VI. Bible Languages

Is Under Construction And Coming Soon!


Part VII. Apologetics and World Religions

Is Under Construction and Coming Soon!