Here are some apologetic resources for dealing with Witchcraft.

I have two resources to recommend. The first one is a good example of what can go wrong, and the second one is an example of what can happen when the Holy Spirit uses you to change the direction someone involved in witchcraft is going.


In October 1988, one of Christian radio personality Bill Scott’s co-workers came to him claiming that he had just spoken on the phone with a demon.

Bill Scott’s initial reaction was to think it was a prank call, but he quickly found himself drowning in the dark side of supernatural power that people who are involved with witchcraft have to live with, and began discovering what demons can do to people living in our world today, and the problems they can cause when Christians with good intentions and bad theology on spiritual warfare find themselves under attack.

You can read the details of his story by getting a copy of the book shown on this link below:

The Day Satan Called by Bill Scott


Many years ago, I ran into a shaman online who I believe Jesus Christ was beginning to reach out to. I wanted to include this story here to help you know what can happen when you are being obedient in a situation when the Holy Spirit is reaching out to someone involved in witchcraft:

The First Shaman