This time, I want to start with a warning. There are certain methods that Jesus Christ expects His Church to use in order to fulfill God’s goals for our lives. The great challenge of our time is having to decide if we are going to follow Jesus’ instructions carefully or will we replace them with something else that is best described as Christ-less Christianity.

Here is an explanation of Christ-less Christianity for you.


Christ-less Christianity by Michael Horton


Now that you understand my warning, let’s get to the good part and examine the methods Jesus commanded.

Ask how are we supposed to do evangelism?

I believe a lot of people who faithfully attend Church services lack the confidence to try and share their faith with other people who are not believers, and I want to help you become mentally and emotionally prepared to speak up.

Here are a few practical ideas you can do to get started on doing evangelism.

#1. Use The Message of Christianity.

This Gospel presentation is available online for free anytime you may sense an opportunity to preach the Gospel. There are a few benefits to using this: 1) you do not have to spend money on gospel tracts, 2) the presentation never changes.

Repetition improves confidence, so using the Message of Christianity on a regular basis can help you learn how to control the emotional aspects of sharing your faith.

I recommend using this one presentation until you are no longer intimidated by your own feelings. I want to save you the trouble of having to think of what to say when you are learning how to deal with being nervous.

After you are able to control your feelings about being nervous, then you can begin to improvise on the Gospel presentation.

#2. Take Someone With You

If you are just getting started, I recommend taking someone with more experience than you, so they can help you think about what you did right and what you did wrong when the opportunity is over.

If you want to help others get started, then I recommend taking someone who has less experience than you, so you can help them think about what they did right and what they did wrong when the opportunity is over.

#3. Be Prepared For Persecution

The Insanity of Obedience: Walking with Jesus in Tough Places  -     By: Nik Ripken, Barry Stricker

There was a time in my life when I used to carry a printed copy of the Message of Christianity with me everywhere I went, expecting God to bring me an opportunity to pass it on to others.

God began sending people to me who could take it to places I did not have time to go personally. I wish I could tell you the stories about how the Message of Christianity was sent to the Church in Texas, New York, Idaho, England, and Brazil without me leaving my hometown.

Unfortunately, I no longer do that. You see one day I went out to share, and after about five hours, the atmosphere changed. There was murder in the air, and the people I went to talk to starting giving me death threats so I decided to stop for the day.

Not long after that, I got hurt and began having health problems that make walking a chore, so I humbled myself and have been waiting and praying for other people to begin doing this in my place…and I found you on the Internet!

Praise the Lord!