The Hindu religion has a caste system that determines the role and responsibilities that people born in India will perform for their lives. Due to influence from Western nations in the past, discrimination on the basis of the caste system is technically illegal, although misunderstandings and problems can still occur today.

For anyone unfamiliar with the Caste System, here is a brief introduction of the five levels that make up the Caste System.


#1. Brahmins

This group are the priests of the Hindu gods, in order to be a part of this group you have to be chosen by the gods and submit to what is commonly known as demon possession so you can speak for the god you represent. This group is known for starting riots and burning down Churches in India.


#2. Kshatriyas

Traditionally, this group is responsible for civil government. People born into this group are allowed to serve in the military, and their main task is to help defend India’s borders from foreign invasion. This group’s role in Hindu society was the inspiration for Adolf Hitler’s Final Solution.


#3. Vaishyas

In the caste system, this group is responsible for the economy. These are the merchants and farmers in India. Their most important responsibility is to maintain the food supply.


#4. Shudras

In the caste system, the people in this group are servants who do all the work needed to make sure that the higher levels of the caste system are able to have as much leisure time as they desire.


#5. The Dalits

In the caste system, the people in this group are excluded from anything related to government, business, farming, ranching or religious education in Hindu writings. Most of the Western missionaries in the past have reached out to this group.