Helping younger, less experienced Christians become familiar with these ideas is the first task of the teacher in the discipleship process. I have written about the topics concerning the Bible because God expects older, more mature Christians to help younger, less experienced Christians understand how and why Christians from every generation have believed these doctrines. God also expects us to supervise how younger, less experienced Christians apply these doctrines in their lives.

If I could, I would work within the local Church in your area to find one person who could take responsibility to make sure everyone who wants to be recognized as a Christian where you live had a chance to sit down and think carefully on these topics.

Unfortunately, all I can do is describe the work that is involved in this aspect of the discipleship process, and hope that someone in your area will volunteer to do the work I cannot do myself.

If you want to volunteer for that, you will need to take some time to become familiar with how ancient scribes wrote scrolls, and the work being done today to preserve and translate ancient writings into the languages we use today.

With that in mind, I want to recommend a book to you that you can read and share with others to learn more about ancient literature was written, preserved and translated.

Here is a picture of the book for you: