Welcome To The First Discipleship Archive Room!

This “room” exists to help the Church explore Basic Christian Beliefs with entries from our Normal Christianity Blog. The red letters below are links that will take you to blog posts we have prepared on different topics below.

I. The Great Commission

#1 – Jesus Christ’s Church Growth Strategy

II. Discipleship and Scripture

#2. The Doctrine Of The Word of God:

Hearing God’s Voice

#3. The Doctrine Of The Canon of Scripture:

The Very Thoughts Of God

#4. The Doctrine Of The Authority Of Scripture:

When The King Speaks

#5. The Doctrine of the Inerrancy of Scripture:

Will The People Listen?

#6. The Doctrine of the Clarity of Scripture:

Go Tell The Children

#7. The Doctrine of the Necessity of Scripture:

This Is Your Life

#8. The Doctrine of the Sufficiency of Scripture:

Taking Out The Trash

III. Discipleship and God

#9. The Existence of God:

God and the other gods

#10. The Knowability of God:

Knowing The Father

#11. The Unconditional Love of God:

He Is Wounded Too

#12. The Freedom of God:

God is Independent