Now that we have covered the Basic Christian Beliefs about the Bible, we can move on to look at Basic Christian Beliefs about God. The best place to start is to deal with the existence of God.

The reason people believe in the existence of God is because there is evidence of Him. A part of the disciple making process is to introduce people to the different kinds of evidence that can be examined.

With that being said, there are four different types of evidence:

  1. The Human Conscience
  2. The Laws of Science
  3. Philosophical Tools (like logic and reason)
  4. Supernatural Power

Let’s take a brief look at each of these.

(1) The Human Conscience

No one likes to be mistreated. There is (for lack of a better word) an instinct everyone has that tells us it is not okay when someone lies, cheats, steals or does something that can hurt me as an individual.

As we grow up and grow older, this instinct can grow numb. The more exposure we have to the corruption in human nature, the easier it becomes to have places in the world where people do not have a conscience at all (see Romans 1:18-32).


(2) The Laws of Science

Since God created the world, His work of creation involved setting up designed patterns that cause the world to work in predictable ways. Western Science is an attempt to explore how to influence and control different aspects of nature by understanding the patterns God set up.

That is how scientific research began. Psalm 19 says “the heavens are declaring the glory of God” and Christians began looking to see it for themselves, although there have been some who invent reasons to overlook it as well.


(3) Philosophical Tools (like Logic and Reason)

We understand that God chose Greek philosophy and its tools of logic and reason to be the dominant culture because it required the Church to use persuasive public speaking to share the message of The Gospel.

These three things are useful for speaking to non Christian people in America and Europe, and a lot has been written about each of them, which I will not repeat for you here. I will share more about this when I get started on sharing resources related to Church History.


(4) Supernatural Power

God still has all of the things we can read about in the Bible (the miracles, healing, dreams and visions) available to use as well. We can take a closer look at how these things work when we get to the text of the Bible.

These four things are tools that can be used to provide evidence for God’s existence. Now that we have covered that, we want to look at what the Bible says about God.

(to be continued…)