Welcome to the Church History Room!

Here is a song by Michael O’Brien to celebrate Church History:


Here are some links to different Church History resources online:

I. Church History Blog Post Room

This page contains links to entries in our Normal Christianity Blog that can help you explore Church History in Twitter sized comments!


II. The Story of Christianity by Justo L. Gonzalez (book)

Here are two links to Christianbook.com that can show you what we used as a guide to write the Church History Blog Posts. Our writer chose these two books to fact check his understanding of Church History.

The Story of Christianity, Volume One

The Story of Christianity, Volume Two


III. The Church Literature Online Page

 There are a lot of people in the past who wrote down their understanding of the times they lived in and how the Church applied their faith to the culture of their times. Many of these writings survived persecution of the Church and the passing of time to end up on the Internet today!

The Church History literature online page contains a list of what we could find online!