I recently finished reading a Systematic Theology book written by a man named Wayne Grudem. I have a picture of it posted below because in the Preface he shared a thought about Christian education that I wanted to pass on to you.


Systematic Theology: An Introduction to Biblical Doctrine  -     By: Wayne Grudem


This is what Wayne Grudem wrote:

“I am convinced that there is an urgent need in the church today for much greater understanding of Christian doctrine, or systematic theology. Not only pastors and teachers need to understand theology in greater depth-the whole church does as well. One day by God’s grace we may have churches full of Christians who can discuss, apply and live the doctrinal teachings of the Bible as readily as they can discuss the details of their own jobs and hobbies or the fortunes of their favorite sports team or television program.”

How can we begin moving in that direction?

Well, if this question has been on your mind, then I have some good news for you. I am here to help you get started on that journey. This website is being designed to help you begin to provide guidance on how to organize your thoughts about God.

One of the goals for Exploring Christianity Online is to help you explore Basic Christian Beliefs.

This will be done by adding to the list of lessons available on the Main Menu. The first lesson is the one about Systematic Theology. This was a tool the greatest Christian thinkers of the past used to train children in different aspects of the Christian faith.

If you have never had a chance to learn what the greatest Christian thinkers of the past have thought about different aspects of the Christian faith, then I want to help you explore Christianity online with them.

Come, Follow Me.



P.S. – Here is a video featuring a man named Randy Pope that I found online to explain what you can do with the material I am preparing to share on this website with the English speaking world.

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