In the Bible, we can read about a special group of people known as the Prophets.

The Prophets were men and women who God used to help people recognize problems before things got out of control. Their emphasis was to be prepared for unexpected emergencies. For most of the last 2000 years, the Church has believed that God is not appointing prophets anymore.

However, in the last 100 years or so, the ministry of the Prophet has been promoted by some groups within the Church. One of the “Prophets,” a man named Kim Clement made a series of videos explaining why we need prophets today, and I wanted to share those videos with you, to help you compare the “Prophets” in the Bible to the “Prophets” working in some parts of the Church today.

The videos below will allow the modern day “Prophets” to explain what their role in the Church is like, and I also included one video dealing with False Prophets below.


I. The Prophets

“God Sees You In The Future, And You Look Much Better Than You Look Right Now.” (Kim Clement)

In the BIble, the Prophets are people who help us deal with obstacles that keep us from making progress in our lives. Here are some videos from a modern day Prophet to explain how this is done.


The Perception Series


The Revelation Series


The Destiny Series


II. The False Prophets

False Prophets are people who create obstacles that keep people from making progress in our lives.

Here is an example of a False Prophet.